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Boy Status WhatsApp | Top Cool Status for Boy

Boy Status WhatsApp | Top Cool Status for Boy

Boy Status WhatsApp | Top Cool Status for Boy

  1. Do not interrupt me while I’m disregarding you
  2. My entire life, my rule, that’s my attitude.
  3. Your investment haters, cause someone loves you.
  4. Three words a partner will never notice from his sweetheart – ‘You Are Right.’
  5. Treat your sweetheart right, or another person will.
  6. I am what I am. I am going never to make an effort to be someone else.
  7. Never underestimate the energy of a female.
  8. Dear Girls, bear in mind catching a hubby is an excellent art, to carry him is employment.
  9. I am hot dude with cool attitude
  10. It isn’t my attitude it’s my style
  11. People with status don’t need status.
  12. Be the very best Version of yourself…
  13. I am what I am, your endorsement is not needed, and it was never asked!
  14. Oh, I’m sorry…I’m not living in your world, I’m living in what I like to call REALITY! When you’re ready to join me, you can check in at the front desk!!!
  15. I AM WHAT I AM…your approval isn’t needed and it wasn’t ever asked! Sorry
  16. For someone who hates my guts, you sure talk about me a lot! Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession… Here’s a tip.. Get a life and stop talking about mine
  17. A relationship is more than finding the right person, it’s also about BEING the right person.
  18. I love you with all I am and all I can give. I love our time together and miss you so much when we’re apart. You are the love of my life – Always & Forever
  19. is off to meet my two lovers.. my pillow and my blanket.. even though I just use them for my sleeping habit they still love me! 🙂
  20. If you’re not just a bit crazy.. you’re boring! Live life.. be Crazy.. why the hell not, you’re only gonna end up crazy when you get old anyway!
  21. u hurt my friends ill hurt u, mess up my relationship ill mess up your face but u so even dare to come between me n my chocolate I will KILL U
  22. If you think I’m crazy, raise your hand…(1/2) I’m not crazy! I just have too much awesomeness for you to take. 😛 (2/2)
  23. ” I choose to love you in silence, for in silence I found no rejection, I choose to love you in my dreams, for in my dreams no one could love you more than me.”
  24. I can’t take this long distance relationship anymore… Fridge, you’re coming to my room
  25. Balloons are so weird. “Happy birthday, here’s a plastic sack of my breath.”
  26. One night, as I as lying in bed, I looked up at the stars and thought to myself: “What the fuck happened to the roof?”
  27. Anyone else sit on the toilet and play with their phone until you realized you have been finished 10 minutes ago?
  28. Say this out loud fast: ”U R 2 6 C I 1 2 4 Q.”
  29. i may not be the prettiest, cutest, sexiest girl, but i am me, sweet, dependable and one of the most honest people anyone could ever meet, love me or hate me!!!
  30. How can i believe if in the middle of “believe” was the word LIE?
  31. Sometimes it’s best to stay quiet. Except the silence can speak volumes without ever saying a word.
  32. When you look in my eyes & see the pain inside why do you just keep on creating more pain & breaking me down…
  33. This isn’t a status…this is just to show that no status matches my feelings right now. 🙁
  34. Sometimes I feel like chunky peanut butter — spread too thin and a little nutty.
  35. Do not judge me because my favorite number in the alphabet is purple! 😉
  36. I didn’t do it. Unless I was supposed to do it. Then, of course, I did it.Boy Status WhatsApp | Top Cool Status for Boy
  37. if stress actually burnt calories … I’d be a size zero!
  38. Sometimes, when things get rough… try sending God a knee-mail.
  39. life is hard sometimes but all you need to know is that god only gave you this life cause they know you are strong enough to live it
  40. one of my best friends is a boy, we’re not going out, we have our inside jokes, it may not be normal to you. but for us it is 🙂
  41. I told my boss 3 companies were after me and I needed a raise to stay at my present job. they asked which 3 were interested. I said the gas, electric & cable
  42. thinks it’s odd how people always notice when you come in late or leave early, but they don’t care when you come in early, work late and/or work from home!
  43. It’s amazing how you can be friends with someone for years & one day out of the blue they turn on you…& you realize that you never really knew them at all.
  44. You know you’re in love when you wake up with crazy hair, makeup all over your face, and bad breath, and your boyfriend still calls you beautiful<3
  45. Everyone says they can’t find the perfect guy…Well..I’ve found the solution..nobody can find the perfect guy because I have the only one!(:
  46. .. you are the strength to my day, the smile on my face, the one you gets the real me, & no matter what I say or how I act, you still love me.(:
  47. ~ When the enemy starts knocking on a door that you closed long ago, you just say, “JESUS, IT’S FOR YOU!!”
  48. Being a Christian may not always be an easy job, may not always pay well, but the retirement plan is out of this world.
  49. I won’t let the world mess w/ my emotions. God is the one who decides who I am & the world’s judgment against me cannot stand next 2 God’s thoughts toward me!
  50. OK, I laughed often (got stared at), I loved harder (one new restraining order), and I danced like no one was watching,.. THAT was when they locked me up! HELP!
  51. A dog will love you more than your wife… Don’t believe me? Lock both in the trunk of your car for an hour then see which one will be happy to see you.
  52. Some say the glass is half empty, others say its half full. i say f*ck it! give me the bottle!!
  53. My doctor said I need to watch my drinking, so now I have to drink in front of the mirror
  54. The best day of my life, the day you said hi for the first time. The worst day of my life, the day you said goodbye for the last time.
  55. The truest of friends (whether near or far) are those that always make some time for YOU in their lives; not just fit you in where it is convenient for them.
  56. The Words “I Love You” are supposed to mean forever. I guess.. coming from you, they just mean never.
  57. If the only possible way we can be together is in my dreams then I’ll sleep forever just so I can be with you and not loose you


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