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100 one line Best Love Whatsapp Status

100 one line Best Love Whatsapp Status

Best Love Whatsapp Status 

All Status and Quotes Gives You one-liner status for Whatsapp in Hindi, best status in one line for sharing on Whatsapp, Best One Line Whatsapp Status, Best Short One LineStatus for Whatsapp, Short Whatsapp Status in Hindi & English

  1. I can’t even stay away from you so not even for a moment.
  2. Every-time I see you so I drown in your eyes.
  3. I live in this sad world but only for you.
  4. Once you disappear from this life. I will disappear from this world.
  5. Finally, on every breath, I say your name to survive!!
  6. You are my life and You are the one who is my wife 🙂
  7.  Your faithful and love have handled me otherwise I was nothing with you.
  8.  I let go all the sadness from my heart once you meet me !!
  9.  My destiny is fulfilled once I see you.
  10. I was no longer incomplete once I achieved you.
  11. Love is that which can makes you smile when you’re tired!
  12. Time goes by a very slow when you miss someone who love you.
  13. Love is like a Air.. We can’t see it but! we can feel it..
  14. Love is the only thing that  control every single emotion you have.
  15. True Love = No doubts + No jealousy + No worries = Life is Good.
  16. The heart that loves, stays always young.
  17. Love never fails and when it fails in life, then its not love!
  18. Love in Life, Make the life beautiful…
  19. My heart is perfect because.. you are inside.
  20. My “Heart” is always your!
  21. Never trust your heart because it’s on the right side.
  22. If I had flower for every time you made me smile & laugh I’d have a garden to walk in forever.
  23. Love cures people, both the one who give it and the one who receive it- Dr. Karl
  24. Love isn’t complicated, people are.
  25. Your cute smile is all I need to battle all struggles in my life.
  26. I was looking for someone that can improve my life, but then I met you and found my life in you which were already perfect.
  27. Love is the strongest force the world possesses, yet it is the humblest imaginable –
  28.  Love is like the sun which coming out from the clouds and warming Ur soul.
  29. True Love = No doubts + No jealousy + No worries then life is good
  30. Always Love your G friend from your Heart, not from your mood or Mind…
  31. In love Never say “Sorry”!…
  32. When I think about U…I don’t feel so alone….
  33.  If you were thinking about someone, while Studying you’re definitely in LUV…
  34. Luv is that ,which can never explained
  35. Love is That Which can not see the Religious ,Caste ,Rich ,Poor .in life..
  36. Thinking of U is easy, I do it every day in life. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away…??
  37. My love for you is a journey_ that starts at forever and ends at never in Life…..
  38. I lost my Heart Can Any body See…??
  39. Love is that which can makes you smile when you’re tired..!!
  40. I’m in love with you ,and nobody stop loving you…
  41. Time goes by a very slower when you miss the someone who love U.
  42. Love is master key of opening a gate of happiness…
  43. There is No Scale To Measure the love…
  44. A man in love is incomplete until he is married with her love. Then he’s finished.
  45. Love never fails and when it fails in life, then its not love!
  46. Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.
  47. In life I need only you!
  48. There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you – I Love You.
  49. Love is that which can not see the Religious, Caste, Rich, Poor in life…100 one line Best Love Whatsapp Status
  50. Love is like the sun which coming out from the clouds and warming your soul.
  51. True love has a habit of coming back.
  52. Love is cute when it’s new, but love is most beautiful when it last.
  53. No one realizes the beauty of love, until you’re caught in it.
  54. Love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people, when one leaves it hurts the other.
  55. The quickest way to receive love is to give love.
  56. I am not just smiling with lips but I am smiling with full body.
  57. All my lovely days and nights came because of you.
  58.  We might not stay together forever but I will still like you.
  59. If you miss me once then I will be there like wind.
  60. You are my journey and also destination as well.
  61. Most of all Living without you makes me fool.
  62. All my prayers and also God is you.
  63. There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you – I Love You.
  64. You know you’re in love when you see the world in her eyes and her eyes everywhere in the world.
  65. Falling in love is only half of I want, staying in love with you for till forever is the other
  66. I want to run away with you. Where there is only you and me.
  67. Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite.
  68. If you leave me once then I will just for the death.
  69. I have left the world for you and also my breath only stops at you.
  70. You can’t even think how much I love you.
  71. This world is nothing without you and also you are the only person living here.
  72. Never ever keep me distant from you otherwise that will end up with death.
  73. My eyes wishes is to keep looking at you forever.
  74. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
  75. Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning.
  76. You think you’re one of millions but you’re one in a million to me.
  77. All I need is your love.
  78. I want you today and tomorrow and next week and for the rest of my life.
  79. Loving you is like breathing – so effortless, so natural. And so essential to life.
  80. I will always love you, no matter what happens.
  81. You can push them away, but people who really love you will always choose to stay
  82. I fell in love with you, not because of your looks but for who you are.
  83. True love doesn’t have happy ending …it has no ending.
  84. Our Love is trending like a Whatsapp Love Status.
  85. I want this moment paused so I can love you forever.
  86. Since my eyes met you. My life has more beautiful.
  87. I have lost all my senses and the way to live my life since I have seen you.
  88. I can let you live in my heartbeats so you can live longer.
  89. I have lost myself to find you from this giant world.
  90. You laughter is my joy and also pain is my sorrow.(Love Whatsapp Status)
  91. How shall I stop you from leaving me ?
  92. You can find a girl better than me, smarter than me but you will never find a girl just like me.
  93. You can’t find anyone same as me that’s I am a famous lover.
  94. Ever love is unique that’s why every lover has different way to love.
  95. Nothing is fine without you but when I stay with you everything is fine.
  96. Love and also innocent is the proof that you are a true lover.
  97. I love you that’s why you love me.
  98. Heart shares Cute Love Status with best person.
  99. You smile makes me alive and your laugh kills my heart.
  100. Don’t forget to smile because that could rise love level in your partner.
  101.  Way too busy in Love that’s why may be forgotten where to sleep and how to eat !!
  102. Forget your broke ups and also try to create love for future.
  103. I don’t have time to hate you that’s why I love you more and also more.



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