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Christmas is the most famous birthday. It’s the festival of happiness, joy and especially love!May your Christmas, my darling, be the most marvelous and the greatest happiness flood your heart with joy. These are the wishes that I formulate for you that have given me so much and that I wish to see happy throughout the year!

December 25 is here, let’s celebrate Christmas!Peace and love on this beautiful Christmas day!Every moment spent with loved ones is essential to our fulfillment and happiness. The Christmas party is a great opportunity to show you all our commitment, and wish that all your wishes for the new year come true!

Best wishes for a Christmas full of joy and happiness.

May happiness be with you during Christmas and forever!

Christmas has all kinds of surprises in store for us: be it sweet talk or friends at the door; a nice quiet evening, or nice, useful gifts. May this Christmas be filled with joy!

The moments when we are happy to two are the ones we would like to remember forever. (Colette Dupas)I like to remember our long winter evenings, I like to remember our little light mornings, I like to remember those minutes of intensity made of laughter and gaiety or tender gravity. I like to remember our crazy nights out, I like to remember our peaceful afternoons, and I want to express to you here how much I appreciate each of the moments we shared.

Friendship is not born that way, just overnight without the need to invest a little bit of self. In reality, it is necessary to put trust in it to tame it, time, of course, to strengthen it and availability in addition, in order to enable it to blossom fully and to develop equally.May these wishes reflect this beautiful friendship and contribute a little to embellish the day.

You do not have the same to make others happy …
and that is why today you receive the most beautiful of all wishes.

Merry Christmas, Happy New YearMay our friendship illuminate this new year with all the pleasure and joy it allows to share!We must take this opportunity to make this celebration a time filled with joy and friendship!
Merry Christmas!For A Very Merry Christmas
All the best wishes for a happy Christmas and a sensational new year!

May this Christmas be beautiful
The heart is full of desires and dreams that color life and take away all monotony! May this feast fulfill the most beautiful desires, and may it take on all the colors of true happiness!

We can only appreciate a beautiful friendship that we can share with someone like you, because it is both surprising moments and moving moments, but it is all a pleasure and a happiness without end!

Best Wishes for New Year!
May the holidays be full of joy and cheerfulness, may the New Year overflow with happiness and prosperity and all the wishes formulated become reality!

Christmas and New Year celebrations
“You can experience such joy in making someone happy that you want to thank him.”
Henry de Montherlant

To you, dear parents at Christmas
By remaining tenderly united, today as yesterday, you have been able to give to all your loved ones a beautiful example of the harmony, the love and the spirit of sharing that we would like so much to see reigning on the whole Earth.

For the Christmas of a mother worthy of praise
It may take time before your children can fully recognize all the merits of their mother. Many Christmas must come, often, so that they are able to appreciate their innumerable qualities: availability, dedication, attention, resourcefulness, tenacity, understanding, gentleness and … firmness on the occasion.

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