100+ Best Heart Touching Quotes in English

Heart Touching Quotes

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100 Best Heart Touching Quotes

Love is an art to lose the moments in your style.

My heart understands my circumstances now my heart does not ask anything from me.

Love has the power to make you smile when you are tired.

I am happy because I have you.

When I fight with you I become silent.

Remember whenever you will feel alone I will be with you.

Trust me I will never get bored loving you.

I will never give up on you because I love you so much.

I feel that your fragrance has come inside my spirit, maybe my name may come on your lips.

My soul has become a stranger in my own body, I have recieved this reward from your love.

There was so much passion in her affection, I was like a stone but I melted like wax.

There are millions of stars in your eyes, My eyes yearn for light.

I see my future partner in you.

Have someone in your life who gives you her time, love, and heart.

My only dream is to be with you.

Your love is like running electricity, I have to touch it and I can’t leave it until I die.

I got nothing from all the limits of loyalty, You are talking to someone and I am counting star.

You just give me hope, I will wait for you till the end of the time

And please baby never let me go.

I gave my blood to your garden of love even after that I did not get a single flower of my happiness.

My love for you keeps growing every moment as I love you more than last moments.

I will be angry with you, I will say stupid things but I will never stop loving you.

Some stories are never-ending, you are the story of my life.

I wish I forget you and even you can’t remember me too Like you were a story like I was a tale.

Efforts can change circumstances, don’t blame others for self spoiled faith.

May I get true love, do not aspire to something which can never be fulfilled.

I can’t remember her even trying to remember, I forget her it was my punishment.

She was an image, How can I talk to her in my imagination

When I cry kiss me, make me laugh when I am sad, and be with me when I feel alone.

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