36+ Best College Friends Quotes 2020

College Friends Quotes

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One-Line College Status and Collage Friends Quotes

12 Years of school and 4 years of college are the best moments of life.

Is college is preparation for life? Not at all College is life itself.

What collage do with fools they asked I said they only develop them

Someone asked what is the best place to live I smiled and said collage

It is very easy to pass college but I do not like it

Someone said that I am a college student, look at how stupid some college students are. College Friends Quotes

Collage is important to gain knowledge but it is more important to save money…

I saw the most beautiful world that really exists when I step in collage.

I failed in almost all of my exams because 90% of the question is from that chapter that I ignore.

In a college class, I learned more from my mad friends and less from teachers.

Wish I could have enough money to make every student see how beautiful is college life.

I do not want to attend school class for 12 years and then college for 5 years and then earn till die. Just be cool and enjoy

70% of college students are those who have not even seen any book after graduation.

Dear colleges there are some cool people like me who also need a scholarship.

In college life the teacher makes you sleep in day time and friends wake you up during the night.

Dear sir, You can change my seat but remember I talk to everyone.

What are the means of education? This is what college teach us.

Where being poor is acceptable? I smiled and said in collage

The best sleep is when the teacher is giving the most important lecture

Some have a degree without a brain like a thermometer and now I am one of them. Collage Friends Quotes

I saw the most beautiful world that really exists when I step in collage.

Sometimes saving money is more important than going collage.

My aim is to write but for that, there is no college only life.

Some student says I am a college student. How can someone be so stupid?

Collage is my life and my only wish is to graduate and earn some honor,

Making noodles at night and eating with lots of gossips it’s all about that college life.

I only sleep 3 hours this is college life.

I failed because most of the paper is based on chapters that I ignored.

My friends teach me well as compare to my teachers this is college life.

Where is peace? I said in Collage life.

Someone has the ability to make others feel stupid like Algebra.

Enjoy but Work Hard this is Collage rule.

Do not smoke and drink because there is a place for everything which is called Collage

Some have a habit of talking in sleep and some have a habit of talking while others sleep and they are called Teachers.

Collage is the most beautiful placed I have seen as your parents are spending there earning on your college fees and you are drinking and smoking. Right?


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