36+ Best College Friends Quotes 2020

College Friends Quotes

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One-Line College Status and College Friends Quotes

We have friends in every stage of life but lucky are those who have the same friend all the time.

College friends may apart in distance but never in heart.

Everything is possible if you have the right friends there to support you.

She asked, what is the best place to live I smiled and said college with my friends.

It is very easy to pass college but very hard to leave.

College friends are harder to leave and impossible to forget.

It hurts when you realize you are no longer with your college friends.

The most beautiful world that really exists when I took the first step in collage.

Insulting my college friend is happiness.

I learned more from my mad friends and less from teachers.

I wish everyone see how beautiful is college life.

Just be cool and enjoy every moment of college life.

Those who have not even seen any book after graduation are more successful in life.

There are some cool people like me who also need a scholarship.

The teacher makes me sleep in day time and my college friends wake me up during the night.

College friends are those who take you from the dark and lead you back to the good life.

College friends are those who heard you when you never said a word.

My college friend makes my hard time easier

When the teacher is giving the most important lecture is the best time to sleep.

I saw the most beautiful world that really exists and that’s collage.

Sometimes not going to college is more important than going college.

Some Friendships are everything.

How can someone be so stupid? Like me.

My only wish is to graduate and earn some honour and lots of love.

Lots of gossips it’s all about that college life.

I only sleep 3 hours in night and 5 hours in day this is college life.

We both failed because of each other that’s called a friendship.

My friends teach me well as compare to my teachers the real meaning of life.

Where is peace? I said spending time with friends.

My friends have the ability to make me feel happier.

Enjoy a lot but don’t work Hard this is College rule.

Do smoke and drink because there is a place for everything which is called College.

Teachers have bad habit of talking while students sleep.

It hurts when you realize you are spending your parents’ money on smoking and drinking in college life.

Lucky are those who have good friends in every situation of life.

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