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100 I Hate You Whatsapp Status And Quotes

I Hate You Whatsapp Status And Quotes

  1. Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger.
  2. I Am If I Changed, But You Changed Too.
  3. Anger Is My Power So Don’t Make Me Angry.
  4. Even The Nicest People Have Their Limits.
  5. Whatever Is Begun In Anger Ends In Shame.
  6. Don’t Make Me Angry And Change Your Status.
  7. Silence Is The Best Way To React While Angry. ( Angry Whatsapp Status )
  8. I Hope Karma Slaps You In The Face Before I Do.
  9. An Angry Man Opens His Mouth And Shuts His Eyes.
  10. I Am Not In A Bad Mood, Everyone Is Just Annoying.
  11. A Quick Temper Will Make A Fool Of You Soon Enough.
  12. Yes, I Am Smiling But You Are Not The Reason Anymore.
  13. My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.
  14. You Blocked Me On Facebook & Noe You’Re Going To Die.
  15. Anger Tears Me Up Inside…My Own…Or Anyone Else’S. ( Angry Quotes )
  16. You Should Make A Woman Angry If You Wish Her To Love.
  17. Sometimes I’M Not Angry. I’M Hurt And There’S A Big Diff.
  18. Never Go To Bed Angry, Stay Awake And Plot Your Revenge.
  19. It’s Easier To Say You’re Mad Than To Admit You’Re Hurt.
  20. Don’t Make So Many Promises When You Can’t Even Keep One.
  21. We Met For A Reason, Either You’Re A Blessing Or A Lesson.
  22. I Hate The Moments When Suddenly My Anger Turns Into Tears.
  23. Tell The Truth, Or Eventually, Someone Will Tell It For You. ( Angry Status )
  24. It’s Just A Chapter In Your Life, Turn The Page And Move On.
  25. When People Get Angry With Him, I Remind Them That He’S Kid.
  26. If Someone Is Angry With You And You Laugh At Them, You Win.
  27. Nobody Makes You Angry. You Decide To Use Anger As A Response.
  28. I Miss You That True But It Doesn’t Mean I Forget Your Lies.
  29. The Best Revenge Is To Be Unlike Hi Who Performed The Injury.
  30. Anger Is Never Without A Reason, Butt Seldom With A Good One.
  31. If I Delete Your Number, You’Re Basically Deleted For My Life. ( Angry Whatsapp Status )
  32. Don’T Judge Someone Just Because They Sin Differently Than You.
  33. People Change. Things Go Wrong. Shit Happens. But Life Goes On.
  34. Anger Is Feeling That Make Your Mouth Work Faster Than Your Mind.
  35. Don’t Be Angry With People Who Don’t Have The Capacity To Change.
  36. All Angry Persons Are To Be Treated, By The Prudent, As Children.
  37. When U Are Angry, Ur-Text Speed Increases By A Ridiculous Amount.
  38. If You Wake Me Up & I Don’T Get Angry, You Must Be Pretty Special.
  39. Control Your ” Anger “. It Is Just One Letter Away From “D” Anger. ( Angry Whatsapp Status )
  40. I hate people who break their promises, but sometimes I hate myself more for once believed in their sweet words and lies.
  41. I get into these moods where I hate myself, I hate life and I hate the people around me. I don’t know why…
  42. I don’t really care what you think about me because it’s guaranteed that you’ll never be able to hate me more than I hate myself, so go ahead.
  43. Hate a person seriously but never try to love for fun.
  44. I don’t have time to hate people bcz… I’m busy loving people who love me.
  45. Love to be alone, hate to be lonely.
  46. Hinking of you is easy, I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.100 I Hate You Whatsapp Status And Quotes
  47. I hate math but I love counting money.
  48. People don’t like to see u bless they want you to stay on their level.
  49. I hate when the remote is way over there.
  50. Don t be afraid of sacrificing your life to God.
  51. I honestly hate knowing that I will never have you.
  52. Sometimes it’s good to forget good memories…
  53. I only pretend to work. They pretend to pay me for it. We don’t like to talk about it.
  54. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
  55. If you want me to control my temper You need to control your stupidity.
  56. You can’t blame me – I was born a pessimist. My blood type is actually B Negative.
  57. It’s not that I hate you oh wait I do hate you.
  58. Don’t be surprised when you show no compassion for others, that you don’t receive it when you feel you deserve it.
  59. How can I believe if in the middle of “believe” was the word LIE?
  60. Jealousy is ugly – that would explain your face.
  61. Hate is a powerful word I don’t usually use it, but because your special ill use it
  62. I don’t have time to hate people, who hate me. because I’m too busy in loving people who love me.
  63. I hate myself for still thinking about you.
  64. A female can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Depends on how you treat her.
  65. I hate you but I can’t stop loving you……
  66. I hate you for the way you smile when you look at me.
  67. I hate you for the sacrifices you made for me.
  68. I love you hurt more than I hate you when I know I can’t have you.
  69. Don t be afraid of sacrificing your life to God.
  70. Sometimes goodbye is just a painful way to say I love you.
  71. I hate you for the sacrifices you made for me.
  72. I was raised not to be rude, but I also try to get the best work out of people.
  73. I hate you with the same amount of passion that I once loved you with.
  74. I’m not rude, I’m honest. I just speak what’s on my mind, even if most can’t handle the truth.
  75. Some people are living with a double personality like mean inside but nice outside.
  76. I don’t hate you I’m just not necessarily excited about your existence.
  77. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE.
  78. Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss you.
  79. TRUST…. Only a group of FiVe alphabets for ME……..
  80. Life doesn’t always gives a second chance….treasure it…
  81. Wish if I had a block option in my brain so that I would have blocked all your thoughts100 I Hate You Whatsapp Status And Quotes
  82. Pretty words are not always true and true word are not always pretty♡
  83. Karma is a bitch. And when the bitch barks, people complain about her being noisy…
  84. I will never forget you, but I will try not to remember you again..
  85. If You don’t like me Get a map Drive to hell, Have a nice journey.
  86. When I See Your FACE, The Middle Finger Raised n say FCK You,
  87. Anger Is Nothing Than An Outward Expression Of Hurt, Fear & Frustration.
  88. Never Do Anything When U Are In A Temper, For U Will Do Everything Wrong
  89. Never Regret Anything, Because At One Time It Was Exactly What You Wanted.
  90. Sometimes I Feel Like Giving People A High-Five In That Face, With A Chair.
  91. Six Letters, Two Words, Easy To Say, Hard To Explain, Harder To Do. Move On.
  92. You Will Not Be Punished For Your Anger, You Will Be Punished By Your Anger.
  93. Holding On To Anger Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting The Person To Die. ( Angry Whatsapp Status )
  94. No Matter How Angry You Get, You Always End Up Forgiving The People You Love.
  95. Life Is Too Short To Spend Time With People Who Suck The Happiness Out Of You.
  96. Anger Doesn’T Solve Anything. It Builds Nothing, But It Can Destroy Everything.
  97. Anger Doesn’T Solve Anything. It Builds Nothing, But It Can Destroy Everything.
  98. I Hate u Because I Love you, I Know You Love Me But your ego stopped You.
  99. Its better to alone than to be with loosers…….
  100. What I hate more than bullies are those that standby and do nothing!!
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