Best 100+ Love Status in English & Failure Status With Image

True Love never dies if you love someone and can not express your feelings here are some best love status in English for you and some love failure status English.

Love status in English helps you to express your feelings with someone. there are so type of category first about love status in English & second about love failure status English.

Best 50+ Love Status in English

You are not the love that I was looking for, You are more and better.

(love status in English)

I love the feeling that I get When I imagine you.

May I have someone to look at me and say damn that’s mine.

You’re the only and last thing I want.

I feel happy when I am with you.

My love for you increases every moment.

A person who is right will never get tired of you.

I will never forget the memorable day we started talking.

Sometimes home isn’t four walls, It’s to eyes and a heart.

I am falling in love with your smile.

(love status in English)

Love Status in English

Being kissed while you’re asleep is best and one of the purest forms of love.

(love status in English)

And I swear, one kiss from you is the solution to my all problem.

Nobody but you I loved the most you are incredible which makes my heart happy.

Pointless Conversation with you is the thing that I want.

Seeing you laughing makes my Day a whole lot better.

Everything is alright when I imagine you.

I want you in my home for the rest of my life.

That moment when he is your both Bestfriend and your boyfriend.

I never wanted someone so bad as much as I want you.

I love the feeling that I get When I see you.

(love status in English)

Love Status in English

I will love you all imperfections With my imperfect heart.

(love status in English)

Love is scary, but with you, it is even scarier.

I want my children to grow up and seeing What real love is.

After this quarantine shit is over I wanna hug you tight.

I may not be showing But I care for you A lot.

It felt like a dream when you propose to me.

I would do anything to hug you right now.

kissing your Lips every day is something I really want

I want you for every moment

You have beautiful eyes and I love it.

(love status in English)

Love Status in English

I wish either you were here or I was there with you.

(love status in English)

You are always in my dreams

Every risk for you is a blessing for me

You mean the world to me

A special place is reserved for you in my heart

Happiest me is When I’m with you.

Best surprise of my life is you

Every song I listen to Is about you when I miss you

Only your presence gave me that cute feeling

I love you until my last breath.

(love status in English)

Love Status in English

The greatest gift I’ve ever been given is your love.

I do not want to stop making memories with you.

Nothing feels good In my hands than you.

I have loved you and I am in love with you and every day my love is increasing for you

I automatically smile when I think about you

All my love quotes Are about you

Thinking about you is more Than anything in the world.

Your hand in my hand is the thing which makes me, happy Broken heart.

(love status in English)

Love Status in English

Best 50+ Love Failure Status in English

love failure status

Hell becomes empty and All the devils are here.

(Love Failure Status in English)

Yes, I always smiling Because God is always Teaching me to be Strong.

Pain affects people in such a way that  Some become rude And some become silent.

Never give up and one day you will thank yourself for that.

Be careful while pushing away someone as Some people don’t come back.

Making mistakes but learning and growing

What is wrong is wrong even everyone is doing it and the right path is right even if nobody is walking on it.

I Hurt in private, Heal in silence, and Smile in public.

God please heal us from the pain that we can’t bear

I am neither happy nor sad just somewhere in between.

(Love Failure Status in English)

love failure status

For you, I am just a part of your life but for me, you are my whole life.

(Love Failure Status in English)

I don’t like to talk about my situation Because I don’t want to cry.


My love for you does not love it is more than that but you can not feel it.

People change so fast that yesterday they cared too much but today they don’t.

Anyone can make me smile But not everyone can make you smile.

Being broken is part of the journey but Staying broke is a fucking choice.

I send love but I receive pain.

Sun is alone But it still shines.

No one stays with you Permanently you need to learn to survive alone.

Best therapy Is a long drive and good music.

(Love Failure Status in English)

love failure status

Some chapters need to be turned And some to be burned.

Silent tears hold the hardest pain.

Do you ever just think Of old memories and say I really miss my school friends.

Silence is the best answer to people who show no value to your words

Still got love For someone people I know I’ll never talk to again.

Never forget the person who was there for you in your hard times when none else was.

The goal is to die with memories Not dreams.

No one can love you more than the one who cried for you.

One day you’re Going to look back And say, damn that Boy really did love me.

love failure status

My heart is still beating but without feeling

Now I have learned to hide my huge pain in my big smile

If you don’t understand me I cant explain you

People who love truly will not move on easily.

I don’t have an ego but Yes I have Self-respect.

Every day may not be good,  But still, there’s something good Every new day.

In life, some people after hurting will say be happy

I am feeling very happy after being sad for a long time

What you really want will harder to achieve.

I don’t hate you just lost respect for you.

love failure status

  1. When it misses you too much I simply cry?
  2. Life is full of surprise Never expect an easy road.
  3. I like to be alone but what I hate to be lonely.
  4. Music always Has the power to express What I feel inside.
  5. I cry hard when I am alone but I smile in public.
  6. I can’t hurt myself but I can hurt you.
  7. It’s about who stays not who promised.
  8. Never expect anything from anyone the best lesson the life has taught me.
  9. If I cry when I’m hurt does not mean I am weak.
  10. I miss you but you don’t care.


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