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60+ Latest Love, Attitude Status For Whatsapp

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Best Love Status For Whatsapp 2021

It does not matter how we met I am just happy with you.

My favorite moment was meeting you for the first time.

You are always my right place.

When I woke up you are the only person I thought of.

I love smiling while thinking that you are mine.

You are my best addiction.

I love you more than anything and I do not want anyone but only you.

Yeah, I deserve better but the problem is I always wanted you.

Only when your eyes are open you can see your best dreams.

When you are happy and smiling, I smile.

I love making our sweet memories.

And if I am angry with you that’s means I love you.

For me, the most beautiful moment is when I catch you looking at me.

Marry the person who makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world.

I love you so much that nobody else is attractive to me.

You can not even think about how much I want you in my life.

I just want to hug you until I smell as same as you.

Your smile is the cutest thing that can change my whole mood.

My only wish is to be with you.

The most perfect partner is one who did not want anything from you but love, time, care, and respect.

When I meet you I start believing in true love.

Kissing your forehead is the perfect way to start my day.

Best Attitude Status in 2021

Do not judge anyone before you make sure that you are perfect. ( WhatsApp status attitude)

Remember one thing depends only on yourself because everyone changes.

Forgive others for there mistakes but do not be stupid to trust them again.

Stay silent and work hard on the best way to succeed.

Make yourself soft not weak and be strong.

Bro, first you need to set your goals.

Life is too short but still, you want to spend it on arguments.

Keep your personal life private so people only know about you what you want them to know.

What is wrong is wrong it does not matter if everyone is doing it.

It hurts when you realize most of your friends hate you.

Never try to be someone else just become the better version of yourself.

What I did not tell you, it must be none of your business.

Oh, you do not like me, no problem because everyone does not have better taste.

Do not forget it is my life so please get out of it.

Don’t play with me unless you love to play with fire.

Yeah, it was my fault that I don’t realize you were an idiot.

Do you know You can’t say hmm without closing your lips?

If we were the phones I am an i phone and you are Nokia.

The best thing for your enemies is your smile.


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